Cancellation and Return Process

Cancellation & Refund Process
For products you buy with safe e-commerce, if you have received the product from the cargo, if it is different from the advertisement,
if it is missing, if it is not as you want or if there is any failure, please contact the seller by deferring the approval from
My Private / Secure e-Commerce / Purchase Transactions / Pending Approval Güvenli section. you can call the solution or return it
within 4 business days within the scope of GeT processes and then return the product by shipping it as ü seller pays 4.
 You can also make a refund with your legal right of withdrawal except for the GeT processes mentioned above for your unpaid refund
requests. You will be refunded within the scope of GeT processes within 3 working days after your refund, payment and shipping
information are entered in the system.

 You can find the cancellation and return procedures below:
Note: "Shipping" describes the user's condition of shipping the product and handling the cargo information to the system.

 I did pay for the product. The seller has not yet expired, but I gave up. In this case you must first contact the seller. Seller may have shipped the product and cargo information has not been entered into the system yet. If the seller has not yet delivered the product, you can cancel the transaction by agreement with the seller. You may contact us for cancellation or forward your request through our support center.

At this stage, the transaction can be canceled by the seller in lar My Private / Secure e-Commerce / My Sales / Shipping İşlem section.
I did pay for the product. The seller has not yet shipped out the product, and the expiry time for the permitted shipment has ended.
If the seller does not enter the shipping information within the period specified in the notice, an additional 24 hours will be allowed to enter the information. If no cargo information is entered within the given additional period, the transaction will be automatically canceled by the system and the payment will be transferred back to your account.
 I did pay for the product. The seller entered the cargo information and gave the cargo. I'm in time for approval. At this stage I stopped buying the product.
If the product is sent as ğ buyer pays the shipping fee ”, you have to pay the cargo amount first. After receiving the product you received, you can inform the seller and return the product to the seller and send it back to the seller. Note: Increasing your purchase may cause your membership to be suspended / canceled.
 The product has arrived. I do not like the product / give up without reason.
Requests for extradition (and / or withdrawal) can be used within 4 business days after entering the cargo information of the product within the scope of GeT processes. When you want to use this right, you must notify the system and return the product to the seller by sending the cargo as tekrar seller pays “. After you enter the cargo information regarding the notification and return of the product, the price you paid for the product will be returned to you. You may also use your withdrawal request without any reason (and / or in case of withdrawal) with the right of withdrawal as specified in the legislation, except for the GeT processes mentioned above. In this case, the user who wishes to exercise his right of cancellation shall notify the Seller of such request directly and the obligations under the right of withdrawal shall be fulfilled by the Seller. In case of right of withdrawal, the product price in the Secure Account is transferred to the Seller. After the buyer delivers the withdrawal right request to the Seller, the return of the product price and the return of the goods are performed by the Seller. does not have any liability and responsibility for the use of the right of withdrawal, the withdrawal of the goods and the reimbursement of the price.
I didn't receive the product but I forgot to end the transaction. What should I do?
We kindly ask you first to examine where the product is from the cargo tracking information. However, you should inform the seller about the issue. If the product reaches you, or if the product is not of the specified specifications or is a defective product or you do not like the product, you are still entitled to withdrawal under the legislation. You can contact the seller for the right of withdrawal.

 I have not received the product and the cargo cannot be tracked.
If the cargo cannot be tracked, please contact the seller and ask for the correct shipping information. If the seller does not provide shipping information or does not enter the correct cargo information, we kindly ask you to inform us and defer the approval as em Not reached to the product ve and terminate the transaction if the cargo does not reach you. Necessary controls will be provided in this direction, and as a result of the controls - if there is a negative situation in the shipment process, your payment will be returned to you. If shipping information is received from the seller, you will be informed about the subject separately.

 Do I have problems with shipping costs?
In our system, the first purpose of the sellers is to sell their products and then send them to you with a suitable shipping company and shipping fee.

The prices of products other than the standard products (Furniture, Bicycle, White Goods, etc.) may be different and higher than the standard fees. Before you buy such products, check who pays the shipping cost and if the buyer has paid the shipping fee, please contact the seller to ask him / her for all the details about the size and weight of the product and the shipping fee you will pay. In accordance with the information you will receive from him, you will be less likely to encounter a surprise shipping charge.
The product has arrived. Shipping costs are too high, what do I do?
First of all, please contact the seller next to the cargo agent. If you have not communicated in writing with the seller in advance about the cargo process via the system, you must take the product from the cargo agent. If you do not like the product after the delivery of the product, you can return the product by sending it to the seller with the ”seller pays the shipping fee“ according to the rules of the sales contract.

 I will return the product but I cannot deliver because the seller's address information is incorrect.
In this case, you can ask the seller to communicate with the system and to provide you with the address information for the return. You may contact us if you are unable to contact the seller and provide shipping information to you, or you may submit your request through our support center.

  I bought the product, how do I track the transactions?
After purchasing the product, you can keep track of your remaining times and transactions in the “My Orders ın field under ler Private - Secure e-Commerce” section. Note: If the seller enters a shipping information that cannot be followed, we ask that you contact the seller and request a trackable shipping information.
After the completion of the GeT process I used my right to withdraw but the seller did not pay.
In this case, please contact the seller with the system first. You may inform the seller that the product must be returned in accordance with the Consumer Rights Legislation and the articles you have made. In the event that the product is not recovered and is against the contract, you may seek legal remedies in accordance with the distance sale agreement between you and the seller. If you encounter a situation like this, please inform us via our support center. Information e-mail will be sent to the member from us and the member will be treated in accordance with our system rules. Note: only informs vendors about the issue. is not able to initiate a legal transaction on behalf of vendors. For your problems, you can refer to the relevant vendor in accordance with the relevant legislation and the provisions of the distance sales contract.

 What happens if I don't get the incoming cargo?
First of all, the responsibility of the sellers is to send the product you have received in full. You have the right to return the received product upon receipt. In case you do not receive the product, your payment will be kept in the Secure Account until the rules of safe e-commerce are fulfilled by you (until you receive the product). If the product is not delivered by cargo, your membership of may be frozen or terminated by blacklisting.
The seller did not send the product or said that he could not send it within the specified time.
If the seller has notified that the system has not been able to send the product within the specified time by messaging via the system or if the cargo information that has not yet been tracked at the end of the period has been entered into the system, the seller is given an additional 24 hours to enter the information. If the cargo information is not entered within the given additional period, the transaction is automatically canceled by the system and the payment is transferred back to your account within 3 working days at the latest. If the relevant product reaches you after canceling the transaction, you must return the product to the seller. Note: If you do not want to return the delivered product after the cancellation, you can contact the seller to buy the product again.

 The price I paid was returned to my card. But I can't see the return price.
Your bank has been instructed to return your payment with the message "Your payment to the product has been returned" from the system. You can contact your bank to find out when your payment is due.

 In which products can I use the right of withdrawal as a buyer?
You may not use the right of withdrawal in the goods or in the records, software programs and computer consumables that you have opened and packaged in accordance with your special requests and requests or by making modifications or additions. In addition, you will not use the right of withdrawal in the case of goods which cannot be returned due to its nature, in the case of goods that are likely to rapidly expire or expire.

The following transactions will be treated as malicious intent for buyers. Malicious recipients' memberships may be terminated or terminated for a period of time.
+ Receiving the products of the sellers and returning them continuously (Repeat this transaction in bad faith)
In the + Ad, the ve Buyer pays the cargo price kar and sent the cargo in this way not to take delivery and damage the seller
+ Intentionally damage the product and the seller proves this
+ Accepting a high shipping charge and product, despite the seller's declaration, and then not paying the shipping charge