User Agreement

A.) The Parties
1. This User Agreement of Business (hereinafter referred to as CONTRACT). It is residing in Turkey and the address of the website that perform services (hereinafter "" will be called.)
2. With the private and / or legal person and / or institution (which will be referred to as a member later) on the web portal operating in the internet portal of to buy, sell and / or rent products, services In the electronic environment in which the site was served, the member was registered at the stage of registration.

3. By becoming a iniz Member. To ’You acknowledge, acknowledge and agree that you have fully read the Agreement, that you understand the content contained in the Agreement and that you accept all of its terms.

B.) Definitions
1. Member: actual and / or legal persons and / or persons benefiting from the services provided on the site under the conditions specified in this yararlan Agreement / which is a member of
2. Web site: The website that consists of the domain name and its subdomains.
3. Tasks (’Task ğı in Brief): Applications within the site provided by in order for the members to perform the actions and actions specified in the CONTRACT.
4. Buyer: The user who buys the products and / or services offered by edil Seller a by using the services provided in
5. Vendor: User who offers the products and / or services that he / she has the right and authority to sell on the property by using the services provided in and which are sold to other members.
6. Member name: .com The member identification name that appears and / or identifies to other .com Members in the site when they benefit from gözük veya services.
7. Member password: to use 'membership during the membership' s own and will know only himself, to use, then to take advantage of 'Member Login to use during the letters, numbers, underscores (_) is a password consisting of a line (-).
8. Product: All goods and / or services offered by mal Seller ulan in
9. Announcement: All the goods, products and services offered and / or offered under the categories and titles determined by by ulan Member ulan at
10. Service: All materials submitted to the Members by, the contents of and the subject (information, advertisement, link, category, list, template) subject to this content are included in the Service.

C.) Content and Scope of the Contract
1. The subject of the Convention is to determine the rights and obligations of the Services and the conditions of utilization of these Services and the rights and obligations of the parties.
2. The content of the contract is made up of all announcements, statements, warnings and inscriptions made by on tarafından Contract uyarı and and made available for use, membership and Services.
3. By attesting to the terms of the User Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that you shall comply with any declaration and any declaration made by in respect of use, membership and Services in

D.) Terms and Conditions of Use of Services
1. Membership is completed by the registration of member registration by sending the required credentials to become a member of and by the registration of the member registration by from the related departments and categories of Without the completion of the membership process, the Business shall not have the right and authority to become the User specified in this Agreement.
2. In order to become a member of, it is necessary to be of legal age by the laws of the T.C. As a minor and / or as stated above, the work has been terminated by temporarily, and / or has been banned for an indefinite period according to Article H of this Agreement. It will give birth.

E.) ’Rights and Obligations of Members
1. While the user is fulfilling the membership requirements, taking advantage of the Services and performing any transaction related to services on, all the terms in the User's CONTRACT shall be shall comply with all rules, all the above terms and conditions, read, understand and endorse, certify and commit.
2. In the event of alleged violations of the rights of third parties and / or other Members in compliance with the provisions of the Member Privacy Policy together with the provisions of the applicable rules of mandatory legislation, shall the official authorities and rights holder accepts, certifies and undertakes that it will be authorized to disclose to the individuals and therefore cannot be claimed for any reason under the name of
3. The members are solely responsible for the security, storage, retention, and use of access tools to the content of the site (Membership name and Membership Code, etc.) in order to benefit from the Services provided to them by Members of the website and / or third parties for any security, storage and storage of access to the content of the site, and any and all negligence and omission of the access means, shall be dealt with directly and / or indirectly by there is no responsibility.

4. Members accept, declare and undertake that the information and contents provided by them in are correct and lawful. Investigate the accuracy of information and contents uploaded to or exchanged by or uploaded by them on, as the investigator is not responsible and liable to guarantee that such information and contents are safe, accurate and lawful shall not be liable for any damages and / or indemnities arising from incorrect or incorrect information and contents.
5. Members may not transfer their rights and obligations under the Contract to any third party, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of
6. Those who use the services provided by and those who use can only perform transactions on for lawful purposes. The legal and penal responsibility for each action and transaction that the members make within the site belongs to them. Each Member is in the form of images, texts, writings, visual and auditory images and icons, videos, files, databases, contained in, in such a way as to render the same or personal rights or assets of and / or another third party, and accepts, declares, certifies and undertakes that all cannot reproduce, copy, distribute, or process sub-domain names and their content, category tree and lists, and will not compete directly and / or indirectly with either through these actions or through other means. . Members may not be liable directly and / or indirectly to any damages incurred and / or incurred by third parties due to their actions on contrary to the provisions of the CONTRACT and / or law.

7. Due to Services and published content on by third parties, including members, and employees and / or managers are not responsible. The commitment of the accuracy and legality of the information, content, written, visual, audio, video images and / or symbols provided and transmitted by any third party is under the responsibility of the persons who perform these acts in its entirety. does not guarantee and warrant the security, accuracy and legality of the services and content provided by third parties including its members.