Why should I open a store?

Why Should I Open a Store?

First, the definition of opening the store; It is a shopping system that can be opened to increase customer sales individually,

to be launched in a more institutional manner and to benefit from the advertisement doping more favorably.

Who Wouldn't Want To Be An Online Store Open 24 Hours!
Now Anyone Can Make An Online Store Easily!
Store Types;
There are 2 types of stores in dkfon.com. The advantages of these store types are different.
The store names are the Normal Store, Super Store with the advantage order.
You can own a store at a more advantageous price as long as your store purchase times are extended.
Opening these long-term stores will save you money to take advantage of these price benefits.
Highlights of opening a store;
Every customer registered to dkfon.com, .com has the right to open a store.
This right can be used at any time.
The sub-advantageous shop can be converted to the top packaged stores at any time.
It benefits from all the advantages of being a 24-hour shop.
It is possible to define special colors, store information writing and logo insertion.
The shopkeeper is seen to be safer by other users. This affects your sales positively.
Store = means Prestige. You are treated differently by all other buyers.
All stores offer free adverts, products and opportunities.
Cash or Credit Card can be offered as a payment option in all stores.
You can benefit from discounted Doping in all stores.
You have the right to add free extra pictures in all stores.
With the support of XML, thousands of products are integrated in the system in a very short time.
Open Store at dkfon.com.
It is a great area where you have your own store name, you can design in a simple way, and your products are published quickly without waiting for approval period in your advertisements. By creating a special store page for all the products you want to sell, you can find the opportunity to promote your store to millions of users. Thus, you can contribute to your brand awareness with the sales you make by reaching the masses. In this way, as a store owner, you can deliver your products to countless customers all over the world.
Set your destinations correctly when opening stores in dkfon.com.
You can bring your products to countless buyers around the world by opening a store. Thanks to the store you opened, you will have the opportunity to enter more products and you will be able to sell more. You can reduce your costs and display your portfolio longer. Do not waste time to list your products again. List your product portfolio for longer and save time and keep track of your stocks more easily. Selling from our stores will increase your reliability and ensure that your customers will make shopping easier, faster and safer. According to the image you want to shape your store to create your own brand we offer you the opportunity.
Users can reach your ads more easily.
If you want your ads to attract attention, you can determine the logo, color and visual design of your store according to your request and your product portfolio. You can also advertise your store when your ads are photographed in the search results lists and promote your products.