Zero Risk System

Frequently Asked Questions About Zero Risk

What is Zero Risk?

Zero Risk is a payment-approval system which% site% has discovered and developed in 2017, which makes shopping on the internet more enjoyable and secure. With Zero Risk, you can shop online by touching; you will receive a new or second-hand product and you will receive it once you see it and confirm it. So you have to shop without risk. All purchases and payments on% site%, are made under Zero Risk guarantee.

I am a seller / buyer. What does Zero Risk benefit me?

If Seller; With Zero Risk, the price of the product you sell is transferred to your bank account on the first business day after the buyer has approved the product. Your product and money will be under% site% guarantee.

If the recipient; Thanks to Zero Risk, we will not transfer your payment to the seller immediately; You will have 3 business days
from the date on which the seller gives the product to the shipment to confirm or return. Once you have approved the product, your
 money will be transferred to the seller's bank account.

With zero risk, is my money really safe?

% site%, your money is safe. Your money will not be transferred to the seller without your consent to the product. Your money will be refunded when a problematic product arrives. With Zero Risk, all your payments and purchases are made under% 100% guarantee of% site%.

% site%, Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Yeah. Because% site%, credit card and debit card usage in the most recently developed encryption methods to prevent the use of 128 bit SSL and stolen card number CVC2 identity control application is provided with 100% security in the payment infrastructure.

% site%, what is the pool account?

The pool account is a secure account where all payments you make in% site% are transferred first. When you pay for a product, your funds will first be transferred to the% pool% managed pool account. When you receive the product and give confirmation, the money you keep in the pool account will be transferred to the seller's account by% site%. If there is a problem with the product, the money kept in the pool account is not transferred to the seller; is returned to your card / account. So your money and your shopping will be 100% safe.