DKFON Token belong to owners of DKFON.COM Platform which is operated by GLOBAL MEDYA company.You can buy,sell or swap DKFON(DKF) Token from OTORING or OTORING.COM

DKFON(DKF) Token is an ERC20 token running on BNB Smart Chain and you can check about it from Bscscan learn about token smart contract,holders,transfers and much more.

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Brief Audit Reports of DKFON Token

DKF Smart Contract Audit

Honeypot : Low Risk

Mintable : None found

Blacklist: None found

Balances Modifiable : None found

Verified Contract : Yes

Proxy Contract : None found

Ownership Renounced : No

External Calls :None found

Buy Tax :0%

Sell Tax : 0%

Wallet Tax : None found

Permanent Ownership : Likely

Tax Modifiable :None found

Transfers Pausable : Unlikely

Sell Limit : None found

Anti-Whale Mechanism : None found

Transfer Cooldown : None found

Whitelist : None found

Self-Destructable : None found

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