Trading Credit

Trading Credit

Trading Credit and finance for premium members

We provide trading credit & finance service to members from $100,000 to $10,000,000 with %3 Annual fee only !

Simple Contact Form offer finance and credit services with low approvel fee when buying and selling between member buyers and sellers which create more security and trust between Dkfon members.Now members can buy and sell any amount of products without fear of fraud asap.

you purchased one of credit package you ready to order goods from sellers and we act also as a mediator to secure your transaction .If you want we can supply products you look for and Hold Untill you decide to buy or resell and we also Inspect and store goods at one of warehouses which is available in all major countries and above all you do not pay for whole Invoice amount and We pay your credit amount and keep and store it secure untill final sale or final Inspection.Lets work togather.

Attention:Finance credit guaranty valid for only 90 days.If you did not use your credit,finance and other services within 90 days it will be cancelled and you need to apply new finance and credit services.