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Xiaomi Mijia Omni Robot Vacuum-Mop Home Appliance Vacuum Cleaner 4000Pa Laser Navigation LDS Automatic Cleaning Mop 3D Map OTA

Xiaomi Mijia Omni Robot Vacuum-Mop Home Appliance Vacuum Cleaner 4000Pa Laser Navigation LDS Automatic Cleaning Mop 3D Map OTA


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Appearance size


423x 340x568mm

Rated voltage



Charging voltage



Rated power



Host net weight



Rated input


220V~ 50Hz

Rated output



Dust collection power



 Waterproof grade



 Base net weight



Cleaning power



Main Features

●Subversive all-round cleaning bin, automatic cleaning mop and automatic dust collection

●4000Pa large suction, 4-speed suction mode

●Intelligent wet mopping assistance, intelligent distribution of water ratio, mopping without interruption

●The mop is automatically lifted, the carpet is recognized, and the backwash is automatically lifted

●Special ground cleaner, ground sterilization rate ≥ 99.9%

● Built-in 2.5L dust bag, no need to change the dust bag for up to 30 days

● The base can replenish water for the water tank of the host, keep the mop moist, and wipe the floor with constant humidity.

S-Cross AI Super Perception Stereo Recognition Obstacle Avoidance System, Laser Navigation, AI+3D Stereo Obstacle Avoidance, no fear of complex environment, intelligent route planning

● The double mop rotates at a high speed of 180 r/min, can adjust the water output in 3 blocks, simulates artificial pressurized mopping

Detailed parameters


Xiaomi Mijia All-Round Robot Vacuum-Mop

Automatic wash mop and automatic dust collection, completely free your hands.

Automatic cleaning mop, automatic dust collection

Equipped with a fully automatic smart base, which supports automatic dust collection, mop cleaning, hot air drying, automatic water replenishment and other functions in one, and can also set the dust collection frequency and mop cleaning mode.

Ultrasonic carpet identification, Automatic lift mop

Ultrasonic identification of the carpet, automatically lift the mop, and turn on the super suction, Strongly sucks dust without wetting the carpet. On the way back to the base station, the mop will also be lifted automatically to avoid secondary pollution on the ground.

* The mop can be lifted up to 7mm. If the thickness of the carpet is greater than 5mm or other long-fiber materials, it is recommended to select the "Avoid Carpet" mode through the Mi Home APP.Tookfun

Fully automatic washing mop

Rotary scraping, cleaner than hand washing.

The strong water flow rushes into the cleaning tray, quickly soaks the mop, rotates and scrapes at high speed, cleans the mop stains and automatically spins off the moisture, without hand washing.

2 hour fast hot air drying mop

The drying efficiency is increased by more than 70%. After the mop is cleaned, it can be dried in the fastest 2 hours, effectively avoiding moisture and odor, and keeping the mop dry at all times.

Automatic water replenishment, constant humidity mopping

The base can replenish water for the water tank of the host, keep the mop moist, and wipe the floor with constant humidity. The water tank supports the addition of ground cleaners, so that the deep cleaning will not hurt the ground.Tookfun

Dual air ducts automatically collect dust

Equipped with 17000Pa* strong fan, dual air duct dust collection design, 10 seconds to empty the dust box garbage. Built-in 2.5L dust bag, no need to change the dust bag for up to 30 days.Tookfun

S-Mopping assistant, Smart wet mopping assistance

When the sensor detects that the water volume of the clean water tank is low, the base is linked with the host to intelligently distribute the proportion of water to ensure uninterrupted mopping.

* Due to objective factors such as different home types and environments, the effect of this function may vary when used, please refer to the actual use.

Object recognition, flexible planning and cleaning

Equipped AI cameras, artificial intelligence graphics algorithms, to identify various obstacles on the ground, as well as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Flexible planning of avoidance paths and cleaning sequences, without manual intervention, to intelligently clean the whole house.

AI recognition + 3D multi-dimensional stereo obstacle avoidance

The new S-Cross AI super-perceptual stereo recognition and obstacle avoidance system, with millimeter-level perception accuracy, supports object recognition and scene recognition.Tookfun

Laser Navigation, No fear of complex environment, intelligent route planning

Using the industry’s leading laser navigation technology, it scans the indoor environment 360°, quickly constructs the home layout, and accurately plans the cleaning path without fear of light and environmental interference. The 3D map can be generated with one click on the Mi Home APP, and the stereo imaging is clear

Double Mop Rotation Supercharged mopping

The double mop rotates at a high speed of 180 r/min, can adjust the water output in 3 blocks, simulates artificial pressurized mopping, and has 5 times the efficient cleaning power, which can strongly wipe off the ground dry coffee stains, dry mud stains and other stains.

The host comes with a water tank, constant humidity wipes the floor

The main unit has a built-in water tank, and the linkage base continuously replenishes water and wipes the floor with constant humidity. Compatible with floor cleaners, the floor sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%

* The cleaning agent needs to be added to the clean water tank of the base, and the ground sterilization effect can be achieved when mopping the floor by filling the host with water.

4000Pa large suction

Quickly absorb ground debris and particles

The suction performance has been upgraded again, equipped with a 4000Pa surging fan, 4-speed suction mode, and the ground dust, hair and crevice dust can be cleaned up.Tookfun

6 major functions

Removable cleaning tray | 2 hours long battery life | Edge cleaning | Low space prediction | Anti-drop perception | OTA upgrade

Remote control, one-key cleaning

You can also command remotely when you are away from home, clean the living room, bedroom or kitchen floor, just tap the Mi Home APP to start vacuuming and mopping the floor immediately.

What’s in the box?

Robot Vacuum cleaner

Almighty base station

Main brush

Dust box

Main brush cover

Dust bag

Mop x2

Mop tray x2

Side brush

Cleaning tools

Power cable



* Almighty: Refers to the most comprehensive function compared with Mijia’s existing sweeping and dragging robot products.

* 30 days no dust on hands and no need to change dust bags: The host is in a 100 square meter family with pets and carpets in a family of three. After cleaning once a day, it returns to the base to collect dust. The volume of the dust bag is measured every 4 days. The test results for ≥ 30 days.

* 17000Pa: Use the fan performance test bench to measure the maximum suction pressure of the motor under 220V~ voltage for many times, and the test results are all greater than 17000Pa.

* 10 seconds: measured with a stopwatch with an accuracy of 0.01s, the test result dust collection time is 10 seconds.

* 2-hour drying: Under normal room temperature, the product self-cleans and enters the drying state, and continues to dry for 2 hours. The test result is the mopping drying state.

* Drying efficiency increased by more than 70%: Compared with the Mijia disposable sweeping and mopping robot Pro, the 2-hour drying efficiency has increased by more than 70%. Actual usage may vary due to different usage conditions.

* 180 rpm: Use the infrared tachometer test method, run continuously for 3 minutes, and the speed will be 180 rpm after stabilization.

* Pressurized mopping: Compared with the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 1C, the pressure on the ground of the Mijia all-around sweeping and mopping robot is higher than that of the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 1C.

* 5 times cleaning power: Compared with Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2C, the cleaning effect is improved by 5 times. Actual usage may vary due to different usage conditions.

* 4000Pa: Use a vacuum tester, with a range of 0-20kPa and an accuracy of 0.01Pa, to measure the vacuum at the fan port, run continuously for 3 minutes, and the super-strong blocking fan strength should be ≥ 4000Pa after stabilization.

* 2 hours of battery life: When the main unit is fully charged, the standard sweeping and dragging mode runs, and continuous sweeping and dragging is performed in an open field of 4×5m size. The test result is that the battery life is more than 120 minutes.



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